Why Build a Subway and Not Fix the Sidewalks?

My friend Ramon and I were having a conversation this past week about the new Panama Metro. He brought up a very good point about why this is a waste of resources. “Why build a metro, if I can’t walk on the sidewalks?”. ┬áPanama City is not a walkable city. He lives in the downtown area, and needs a car for each member of his family because it is impossible to walk in their neighborhood. Either there are cars parked ON the sidewalk, there are holes IN the sidewalk, or the ARE no sidewalks.

A metro is a great investment in the infrastructure of the city, but it is just one part of many. Walking needs to be an option in order for the metro to be successful. I need to be able to walk from my house to a metro station, and a metro station to my destination. If not, then I need a car, and there will be no relief of traffic congestion. Investment is needed to make the streets livable!

courtesy of http://www.examiner.com/panama-travel-in-houston/omar-best



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